Cuddington RA

The Residents’ Associations of Epsom and Ewell

Formed around the same time as the borough in 1937, we have had an almost unique form of democratic process. From the expansion of housing in the 1930s local Residents’ Associations have given people a forum for local debate. These groups organised social activities on the new estates, and represented local views. At the time of the early 20th century, many candidates for local government stood as independents. Far more than we see in the country today. With increasing party politicisation of national and local government through the years, Epsom & Ewell has stood out against the tide. With no party lists each RA puts up candidates for election to Epsom & Ewell Borough Council based on merit and consensus. Their candidates have been in control for the last 80 years.

How we work

Each Residents’ Association functions as a voluntary and independent unincorporated association. Any resident can become a member without regard to his or her political views. Many households in the borough of Epsom & Ewell join their local RA, receive its newsletter, and attend meetings.

The committee and other roles

The chief officers are a Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer, there might also be a Vice Chairman. They run the committee. There is generally an Editor for the newsletter and a web editor for the website. There are also committee members who work on sub-groups discussing policy areas. The full Committee usually meets monthly. A general meeting of all members usually meets once or twice a year. Many RAs also have a President who conducts the annual general meeting where officers and the committee will be elected. As well as its committee, an RA will have ROAD REPS

Both borough and county RA COUNCILLORS will attend committee and general meetings. This enables policy to be explained, questioned and influenced. RA committee meetings are open to all, not just the party faithful. It is this frequent interchange that distinguishes the workings of an RA and its councillors. This differs from party political councillors who may be whipped to toe the party line, ignoring the views of their electors.



Ewell Court Residents' Association Borough and County Councillor Epsom and Ewell - Surrey 0208 786 7484


Cuddington Residents' Association Councillor
01372 436197


Cuddington Residents' Association Councillor
Epsom and Ewell - Surrey 01372 732791


Cuddington Residents' Association Councillor
Epsom and Ewell - Surrey 07519 460761


Every street in Cuddington has a Residents' Association representative. Your representative visits each house in the street where you live on a quarterly basis to deliver The Cuddingtonian Magazine and collect your subscription (currently an absolute bargain at £3 per annum!).
Road reps have a good knowledge of the area and can probably point you in the right direction if you have any concerns about the street you live in. Use THIS LINK to find your Road Representative.
The SERVICES section below has useful contact information for Epsom & Ewell.
If your query can't be answered by the Epsom and Ewell website/telephone contacts please contact a LOCAL COUNCILLOR who will take the matter up on your behalf.


The CUSTOMER SERVICES team at Epsom & Ewell offer help and advice on council services. If you need more specific advice they can put you in touch with the appropriate service.
Opening times are Monday to Friday 8.45am to 5.00pm. PLEASE NOTE that they are closed during UK public holidays.
Their address is: Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 5BY.
If you are unable to use their online form, you can contact them by telephone on 01372 732000.


It is frustrating when our environment is spoiled by the inconsiderate behaviour of others. VOLUNTEERS in Cuddington work very hard to keep our community beautiful and we should do our best to encourage them. We have a regular litter-pick in the vicinity of Wandgas Cricket Club, The Hogsmill Tavern, Cromwell Road, Parkdale Crescent and St Mary the Virgin on the Avenue. Please help our community by reporting litter, fly-tipping and damage to property as soon as it occurs. The ENVIRONMENT section on the Epsom & Ewell website is the best way to do this - but do make your LOCAL COUNCILLOR aware of the problem.